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Choose Your Event allows teams monetary and logistical options during our new normal times.  Teams can play in our One Day format and choose to play Saturday, Sunday or Both Days.

Teams can come in and play 2 games per day all with in a 4 hour time block.  This gives teams more control over interaction.

Choose Your Event

Delta Report Media, a division of Delta Report Power Rankings, provides our teams with a chance to gain additional exposure during non-Live Period events.  

We live stream most of our teams and all of our high school age level teams.



Why choose a Choose Your Event

Teams can choose to play in  events with smaller venues, which improves social distancing

When we play

NO FRIDAY games. Choose to play on Saturday or Sunday or Both Days. Choosing your day or days allows you and your parents to more easily plan around work schedules and housing needs

Game Format

Your teams will play 2 games per day.  AND Your games will be scheduled within a 4 hour time block; leaving time for team bonding activities or potentially getting in to town and back out.

Team Rankings

For every event you participate in your team or teams earns points towards their ranking.  Track your points on our rankings page.  Our Team Rankings improves the quality of match ups


Choose Your Event


Play Saturday


Play Sunday


Play Both Days


The people behind Big Girls Report & Big Girls Skills Academy:


Leslie Toole

CEO DPR Events 

williams, aja.jpg

Aja Williams

Delta Report Evaluator Girls

Team Member 3

DeMya Walker-Wheatfall

Director of BGSA Events

Team Member 4

Job Title

DPR Events was founded by Leslie Toole to address the lack exposure type events during non-live periods.

Our "Choose Your Event" formats allows teams to have more control of when they play while offering affordable competition.

Our experienced staff has over 40 years of coaching, training, and/or playing experience.  Thru this staff we are not only able to evaluate all levels of talent, but we are also n a unique position to develop the talent thru our Big Girls Skills Academy.

Our goal is to improve the opportunities for this under-exposed genre.  Every school wants them, but development is at a minimal for this group.  Join the movement... #biggirlsgotgame


Over the phone or online




201 Lockwood Ave, 

Pelahatchie, MS 39145

If you're talented and looking for a exposure, contact us here:

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If you're looking for talented big girls, contact us here:

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